THE MERRY WIDOW (Die lustige Witwe)

THE MERRY WIDOW (Die lustige Witwe)

The Merry Widow (Die lustige Witwe):
operetta in 3 acts
22.04.2023 r. – Inauguration of the 29. Bydgoszcz Opera Festival
Franz Lehár
Victor Léon i Leo Stein. This operetta is performed in Polish language.


Jerzy Jan Połoński
Musical director and conductor:
Maciej Figas
Staging and set designer:
Mariusz Napierała
Costume Designer:
Anna Chadaj
Joanna Semeńczuk
Lighting designer:
Maciej Igielski
Choir master:
Henryk Wierzchoń
Text edition and preparation:
Tomasz Jachimek
Conductor's assistant:
Jagoda Brajewska
Video Projections:
Adam Keller
Director's assistant:
Dorota Borowicz
Choreographer's assistant:
Anna Bebenow


Hanna Glawari:
Magdalena Polkowska, Julia Pruszak, Anna Koźlakiewicz
Count Daniło Daniłowicz:
Piotr Friebe, Przemysław Radziszewski, Adam Zdunikowski
Baron Mirko Zeta:
Bartłomiej Kłos, Janusz Ratajczak
Walentyna, Baron Zeta's wife:
Julia Pruszak, Marta Ustyniak-Babińska, Agnieszka Nurzyńska
Camille de Rossillon:
Nazarii Kachala, Szymon Rona, Krzysztof Zimny
Vicomte Cascada:
Jakub Zarębski, Damian Wilma, Nazarii Kachala
Raul de St. Brioche:
Szymon Rona, Krzysztof Zimny, Grzegorz Szachnowski
Łukasz Jakubczak, Roman Fijałkowski
Sylwiana, Bogdanowicz's wife:
Dorota Sobczak, Małgorzata Grela, Paulina Dybowska
Kromow, Pontevedrin embassy counsellor:
Wojciech Urbanowski, Janusz Stolarski
Olga, Kromow's wife:
Darina Gapicz, Simona Skrebutenaite
Niegus, the Embassy Secretary:
Bartłomiej Kłos, Jakub Zarębski
Jacek Greszta, Ryszard Smęda
Praskowia, Priczicz's wife:
Małgorzata Grela, Katarzyna Nowak-Stańczyk, Małgorzata Ratajczak


Inauguration of the 29th edition of the Bydgoszcz Opera Festival.

The librettists, Viktor Léon and Leo Stein, based the story on the comedy L'attaché d'ambassade (The Embassy's Attaché) by Henri Meilhac. This well-known operetta has enjoyed international success since its 1905 premiere in Vienna.

Hanna Glawari is a wealthy young widow from a small and poverty-stricken Balkan province of Pontevedro. Ambassador Baron Zeta is anxious that when Hanna re-marries, she will surely have to marry a Pontevedrian, not a Frenchman, to save his beloved Pontevedro from a devastating ruin by keeping all her money inside the country. Baron makes this mission his life's priority, so the obvious choice is Count Daniło, but there is a problem... They are ex-lovers, and Daniło is too proud to marry her for her money.

Misunderstandings and intrigues abound, when it transpires that Walentyna, Zeta's wife, is having an affair with piquant Frenchman, Count Camille de Rosillon. Hanna steps in to save the married lady’s reputation. But how will this story end?

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